Why Rimbambo

We believe in sustainable business practices

Don’t throw mud against the wall! The excitement of large volumes of traffic can be quickly forgotten when service levels drop, employee morale goes down, and profits don’t materialize as hoped. Don’t sacrifice revenue in the name of advertising!

Smarter and more effective promotions

Unlike printed coupons and advertising, you can test what works by limiting the number redeemed or changing the promotion. With real time feedback and control, you can fine tune your promotions to get the results you want.

Stay in front of your customers longer

Not all customers are ready to buy today. Advertising is awareness over time, not just one big (and costly) splash. With Rimbambo, you’re available 24/7. When your customer is ready to buy, they’ll know just where to find you.

Low fixed cost

A low monthly fee helps you stay in your budget.