Business FAQs

How does Rimbambo work?

Rimbambo is easy! You pick the promotion details and restrictions and post your deal on the website. Consumers can then browse and search for the deals they’re looking for. Once they find your deal, they can learn about you through your retailer profile page!

How is Rimbambo different than other coupon sites?

Rimbambo is different from other coupon sites in 4 ways.

First, you can do it yourself. You’re not required to work through a salesperson.

Second, your promotions can post almost instantly – you control the timing of them.

Third, since we don’t take commissions on the sales, we don’t have forced requirements that limit your minimums or terms of the deal.

Last, there is no pressure. Since we don’t take a portion of the sale, we don’t pressure you to provide discounts that don’t make sense for your business and we don’t want you to take on more traffic than you can handle.

How much does it cost to become a member?

You can buy 3 coupon slots per month for $49.99.

How does my customer redeem coupons?

Generally, consumers will print out the coupon per your requirements. You can also choose to redeem the coupon digitally through a mobile device if you choose.

How do I post and manage coupons?

We have a special portal where you can create, manage, and review the statistics of your deals. You can edit current promotions, clone old ones, and see the statistics and effectiveness of your past deals.

How often can I post coupons?

You can post coupons as often as you’d like as long as you have an available slot. You can run one coupon over a period of time, or you can change it every day if you like! Depending on the package you buy, you can run either one or three concurrently!

How do I best use and manage my profile page?

Your profile page is your opportunity to interact with your customer. Here is where they can learn more about you, your locations, phone number, and web address. We suggest you make sure to complete the ‘about us’ portion when you sign up. Let your customers know who you are and why they should do business with you!

It says I can’t create a coupon because I already have too many. What can I do?

If you try to create more coupons than your account allows for, you can do a number of things:
- Upgrade to another level that allows for more coupons
- Edit the dates so you don’t have too many overlapping on a particular day (exceeding your max)
- Delete a coupon to free up the date you want